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Cockatiel lifespan

How long do cockatiels live?

ockatiel birds can live a long life if provided with the right care and provided that they avoid accidents. You can expect that your cockatiel will live for at least 10-15 years if you provided them with a good home. 15 years is an average lifespan for these birds but they can live a lot longer. It is not impossible for cockatiels to live for more than 30 years. The oldest confirmed cockatiel was 36 years old when it died. There are unconfirmed reports of birds that have lived even longer lives.

cockatiel lifespanThe long lifespan of cockatiels makes buying a cockatiel into a large commitment. You will have to care for the bird for decades to come. It can be hard to find a new home for your bird if you no longer are able to care for it. Many birds, Especially older birds, might have a hard time connecting to their new owners. They have formed a special bond with you and will miss you if they need to be rehomed. They might be aggressive towards their new owners. This is especially true if your bird has been kept alone. Birds that have been kept with a cockatiel partner are usually easier to rehome. The goal is you buy a cockatiel should always be to keep them for their entire lifespan.

A long lifespan

The key to giving your cockatiel a long life is to make sure that you give them a good home. They should be given a cage that is large enough for them to be able to move around a lot and that contains toys that keep the birds entertained. Cockatiels and other parrots are smart birds and depression can be a real problem if they are not given enough to do. I recommend letting your cockatiel out of its cage during controlled situations to allow it to move around and explore. Many cockatiels will enjoy sitting on you should watching TV at night or sharing a moment together at the breakfast table in the morning.

One of the most things to consider if you want to make sure that your cockatiel lives a long life is to give them a good varied diet. The diet should contain a lot of different greens, seeds, and fruits. You can read more about what to feed your cockatiel here.

Make sure not to overfeed them. Cockatiels can become fat if you do not give them a good diet. They are designed to fly large distances every day. They can not do this in a cage. They are therefore pruned to overeat.

Avoid accidents

It is all too common that cockatiels are involved in different accidents that end their lives. Such accidents can include that they fly out through a window and disappears, that they get into a fight with a cat or a dog or that they eat something they shouldn’t.

Never leave your bird along with a dog or a cat. It might have worked in the past but this is no guarantee for the future. A dog can very easily hurt a cockatiel by mistake since the birds are small and rather fragile. T

You can read more about avoiding accidents here.

Other cockatoos

Cockatiels can live long lives but their lifespans are short in comparisons to other members of the cockatoo family. Many of the larger species of cockatoos can live for 75 years or more. There are reports of birds that have lived 150 years or more. A large cockatoo is a companion for life.

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