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Avoid accidents

Cockatiels can live long lives if they are provided a good environment and the correct diet. Unfortunately, all too many cockatiels lose their life early due to a number of common avoidable accidents. On this page, we are going to look a little bit closer on some of these accidents and how you can avoid them.


A lot of cockatiels are killed in accidents involving other pets. Cats and dogs are the most common pets that are the causes of such accidents but there are a large number of other animals such as snakes and iguanas that can cause accidents. Never leave your bird unattended with other animals. It can work well for years before an accident eventually strikes.


aggressive dogDogs can very easily kill a cockatiel. They can do this intentionally or unintentionally. It does not matter how well behaved your dog is. A dog should never be kept alone with a cockatiel. The dog and cockatiel might start to play and an accident might happen. A dog might step on the bird an injury. This is just one of a thousand scenarios that can cause an accident.

Accidents can happen when you are present as well but the risk is smaller. You can usually disarm the situation before the risk for an accident increases,


Cats are predators and there is always a risk that your cat will kill your cockatiels. This is true even if the bird and the cat normally get along great. The cat might be grumpy one day or the bird might do something to trigger the cat’s instinct to hunt. It only takes a second for a situation to become lethal for your bird.

Other birds

This is something that most people doesn’t think about but you should never leave your cockatiel alone with a bigger bird such a cockatoo or an Amazon parrot. The larger bird can kill the cockatoo in seconds. This is rare. Birds are usually rather friendly and fights will be resolved without injury. But this is not always the case. Sometimes birds use deadly force against each other. I have personally seen a yellow-naped Amazon parrot gripping a white fronted amazon parrot by the foot and smack it against a branch with lethal force. The Yellow-naped then dropped the smaller dead parrot to the ground and continued eating. Newer assume that animals will get along.

Other pets

The same is true for most other pets. You should never leave them unattended with cockatiels. Animals that you expect to get along might not get along.

Toxins & poisonous plants

plantsAnother common type of accident is the accidental consumption of a toxin or poison. Make sure that there are no toxins that your bird might gain access to. Make sure that everything is locked in cabinets were the cockatiel cannot go. They are very curious birds and might eat through packaging and try eating toxins. Make sure that they can not access any cleaning agents that often contain toxins.

It is also to make sure that you do not keep poisonous plants that the birds can eat of. There are a number of common potted plants that potentially lethal. One such plant is the Diffenbachia but there are many more. Do a google search for each of your plants to see if they are dangerous.


Make sure that your electric wires and cables are protected and that your bird can not chew on the cable. Many parrots enjoy biting on soft plastic and rubber. They can easily hurt themselves if they are allowed to do so.

Open windows and doors

All too many cockatiels escape to their death each year. Some birds return home but many gets lost and are never found again. Make sure to keep all doors and windows closed when your bird is allowed to leave its cage. This is especially true if your bird had uncut wings and is able to fly.

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